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 I wish you likewise fulfilled my intention where I take the nation and religion as the two possessions of mine. My life goes by the grace of God when I went in search of the truth and the truth, which I like to share with you with great enthusiasm.

The thirst my soul has made me find the holy Lingam and it had made me to accomplish some of the task Lord Siva gave me and by His grace I completed the congregation of three Siva temples, three are in the process and 27 Siva Shrine construction and its rituals is awaiting.

In this regard, the money got for my service for the following holy trip, used for feeding my associate devotees and me. I feel as blessed as Lord Siva has given me a task forever. I pray all of you join me likewise to enjoy the bliss in fulfilling the duties allotted by the divine

The following pilgrims are -

1.     "Thai Amavasai" Rameswaram Kasi Rameswaram To Perform Religious Rites to Our Fore Fathers.

2.      Ganthori, Yamunothri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Sardham Yathra.

3.      Amarnath Pani Lingam Darshan (Train & Flight)

4.     Kailash Manasarover Yathra

5.   Gujarath Yathra Two Jothir Lingam Darshan

Come join me to make my life sanctified…

Come join us to make your life prosperous…

To lead a life with high esteem and to obtain a good family, good tradition, enjoy wealth, to be happy in life we humbly invite all of you to take up this holy Pilgrimage to get a blessed and sanctified life by the grace of Lord Shiva.

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